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ProActive  Solutions… Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Certificate of Completion Safety Training
This   course   is   designed   to   provide   participants   with   a   basic   understanding   of   the   Transportation   of   Dangerous   Goods   Clear Language Regulations. It is focused towards transport by road and marine.  It does not include transport by rail or air.
Upon completion of “Transportation of Dangerous Goods” each participant will have an awareness of: Roles and responsibilities of handlers, shippers and drivers as they relate to TDG The importance of TDG regulations and training How to classify a dangerous good How to navigate and use a dangerous goods list The hazards associated with the different classes and divisions of dangerous goods Legislative requirements and best practices surrounding the shipping document Label and placarding guidelines for small and large containers Legislative requirements and best practices surrounding the use of containers Some exemptions from the legislative requirements such as transporting dangerous goods for personal use The basic procedure to follow in the case of an emergency involving dangerous goods
Classroom Instruction...                                                     Approximately 4 1/2 hours... Who Should Attend…
Anybody   who   is   involved   in   the   transport   of   dangerous   goods   including   those   who   load   or   unload,   ship   or   transport   dangerous goods must be trained. A   person   who   handles,   offers   for   transport   or   transports   dangerous   goods   must   be   adequately   trained   and   hold   a   training certificate   or   must   perform   those   activities   in   the   presence   and   under   direct   supervision   of   a   person   who   is   adequately   trained   and who holds a training certificate in accordance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. This   training   program   is   tailored   to   all   workplaces   where   workers   work   directly   with   or   in   proximity   to   hazardous   materials   in   their workplace. Location for theory classroom instruction:                               Client work environment or ProActive Solutions workplace Date & Time for theory classroom instruction:                         As per client requirement and availabilty Cost: $150.00+ $19.50 HST = $169.50X ____ Participant(s) =   $ _______________ Re-certification required every three years as per the Transportation of Dangeroous Goods Act.