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ProActive  Solutions… WHMIS - GHS Certificate of Completion Safety Training
This   course   is   designed   to   train   all   employees,   employers   and   suppliers   who   work   with   or   in   the   proximity   of   controlled products in the workplace, in the safe use of controlled products as per the legislative requirements of WHMIS-GHS.
Upon completion of “WHMIS - GHS” training, each participant will have an awareness of: Their responsibilities and how to protect their health and safety while working with or in the proximity of controlled products The meaning of WHMIS-GHS symbols and classifications and the hazards associated with each How controlled products can enter the body and how to use personal protective equipment to protect themselves from those hazards Appropriate first aid measures to take in the case of an emergency involving a controlled product such as a swallowed, inhaled or absorbed poison The information that is required on supplier and workplace labels and how to use that information to protect their health and safety Acceptable variations to labels such as in the case of small containers, bulk shipments, and laboratory products
Classroom Instruction...                                                     Approximately 4 1/2 hours... Who Should Attend…
As   required   by   legislation   all   persons   who   produce,   supply,   handle,   store,   use,   dispose   or   work   with   or   in   the   proximity   of controlled products in the workplace must undergo WHMIS-GHS training. This   training   program   is   tailored   to   all   workplaces   where   workers   work   directly   with   or   in   proximity   to   hazardous   materials   in their workplace. Location for theory classroom instruction:                                  Client work environment or ProActive Solutions workplace Date & Time for theory classroom instruction:                            As per client requirement and availabilty Cost: $150.00+ $19.50 HST = $169.50X ____ Participant(s) =      $ _______________ Re-certification required every three years as per WHSCC NL Provincial regulations.